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THPS- Episode Four Notes

February 2, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

The following is a repost from a couple of years ago. It is referred to at the end of episode 4.

Focal length is a fancy term for “zoom”. Okay, it isn’t really but for all you care just know that I am talking about how far you zoom in with your camera. Cool?

If you want to snap a photo of a person you want to zoom in as far as you can (optically, not digitally). Basically this perspective creates much more pleasing features. The background will also go out of focus adding more emphasis on your subject. The only real rub is that longer focal lengths (more zoomed-inedness) make it more difficult to hold the camera still. (If you are using a point and shoot there is a pretty good chance the flash will fire.)

Here’s a real sample of the difference focal length makes. No special tricks. No Photoshopping. Same camera settings, same apparent subject size but in photo 2 Lena stepped back and zoomed in. That’s it. I didn’t move at all. The flash is mounted on the camera and fired straight into the ceiling.

Notice the difference in my face. Have a look at the different perspectives in terms of how much of the background is in focus but also what is visible within that field of view.


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