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03- VR is not always the answer

“VR” stands for “Vibration Reduction” on your Nikon camera. Canon calls the same thing “IS” which stands for “Image Stabilization”. They do the same thing.

A person can only hold a camera so still. When the shutter speed is too slow these little natural vibrations are visible in the photo as a slight blur. As the shutter speed gets faster these vibrations become less apparent.

The best way to avoid this is to shoot on a tripod. Not always possible though so technology stepped in. Basically VR (IS) allows you to handhold your camera at slower shutter speeds than normal and still get sharp pictures. Sort of.

This works well if the subject of your photo is sitting still. Like a mountain. Or a lake. But if your subject is moving around, like a kid tends to do, then VR (IS) is pretty much useless. And expensive.

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